Profile: Footballguys 2013

A fantasy football owner is like a symphony conductor. They need to manage and orchestrate a number of different aspects of being a general manager of a virtual football team. More successful owners will have access to information that is easily accessible. This information can be updates on player news, draft rankings, depth charts, and other valuable content to pick which players to play on game day and which not to play. The information they gather is also the basis for the day to day tactics to manage the roster as well as the overall strategy of the management of the fantasy team.

Footballguys goal is centralize all that information into one website The site provides a range of free content, paid content, and a number of tools for the fantasy owners.

Free Content

Footballguys does include the essential player news feed that provides owners with the up to date stories on player performance, projections and injuries. Footballguys goes one step further and provides a daily email update of this information. Every morning, there's a summarized list of players that are trending in the fantasy football world with injury report and player performance.

The site also provides fantasy news in the form of podcast that occur every week to discuss how to prep for the upcoming week of football games.

One of the most interesting free item on the site is the Rate My Team tool. Enter your fantasy team as well as your league settings and the tool does an evaluation and analysis of your team. The tool is easy to use with features such as name completion based on the first letters of the player's name.

Premium Content

Footballguys bread and butter is going to be the content that subscribers are paying for. The site charges a $29.95 for a collection of data, tools, and expertise for paying members. The site boast over 50,000 pages of information from 2012. In addition, the site has a staff of over 40+ writers to provide the content to the voracious fantasy owners.

One of the key thing that differentiates Footballguys is the number of tools they have available. They have tools to essentially assist in every aspect of team ownership from Draft Dominator, Trade Dominator, and Lineup Dominator.

In addition, they have a number of tools to look at data analysis to also incorporate historical data. It is nice to see that trending data is incorporated into the suite of tools and that the site does provide another point of view of the data in order to predict future performance.

With the additions of Depth Charts for team and an Individual Defensive Player Matchup Analyzer, Footballguys has got the tools covered for fantasy owners.


Footballguys is the classic example of how fantasy football growth has fueled an ecosystem that supports the market. Their success is based on a well-designed website as well as the rich content that fantasy football owners will pay for even though there is a wealth of free information that is already available on the net.