Where is the hockey stick when it comes to fantasy sports?

The Fantasy Sports Trade Association (FSTA) estimates that fantasy sports is now a $1 billion dollar business. Revenue is generated by fees that owners pay, sponsorship revenue, ads, as well as content created to support fantasy owners.

This growth is also not just a a trend that has happened over the last couple of years. Sustained growth of fantasy sports has occurred for close to a decade now.

The Atlantic article by Jordan Weissmann is here.

MY TAKE: The growth of fantasy sports is actually old news as this point. Everyone is trying to catch on to this robust growth. The game platforms like ESPN and Yahoo continue to expand their fantasy leagues and fantasy games. Content providers continue to expand their offering.

That is all good and dandy but I pose the question : Where is the hockey stick?

When I say hockey stick, I am referring to the exponential growth that occurs for some businesses that make them famous.  In an example of this would be the popularity of facebook.

Again the growth has been consistent and positive. However, are we on the brink of explosive growth for fantasy sports? If there is explosive growth, where is going to come from? Could it be the daily fantasy sports sites that are starting to appear? Is it going to be other sports that challenge fantasy football's dominance? If there is this hockey stick growth, fantasy sports is going to change the way sports are played and run as a business.

Will fantasy sports change sports for the better?