CBS Sports fantasy mobile app claims 100% increase (video)

In an interview, Jim Lanzone from CBS Interactive revealed that the CBS Sports fantasy mobile app has seen a 100% increase from last year.  That was disclosed in a discussion with Pimm Fox during "Taking Stock" on Bloomberg Television.

Jim Lanzone, the former CEO of and is now responsible for Strategy and Operations for CBS Interactive, also disclosed that 59% of the people that have the CBS Sports fantasy app will use it daily. CBS is taking advantage of the current growth in fantasy sports with 25.8 million people playing fantasy football according to Ad Age that leads to a $1.1 Billion dollar revenue industry.

Within the CBS Fantasy Leagues, Lanzone also reveled a number of fantasy owner trends. If your leading  your league, the common players for 1st place teams are in this order:
  • Peyton Manning
  • Jimmy Graham
  • Jamaal Charles
  • Matt Forte
  • Jordy Nelson
  • DeSean Jackson
The most common player for last place teams is: Robert Griffin III

Hopefully it is not too late to hit your waiver wire. 

FtSb Says: Lanzone cites that the top three sites are CBS Interactive, ESPN and Yahoo. That is surprising that it did not include He also specifically differentiates CBS sites by touting its ability to customize leagues and that they will charge $150 per league per season for their services to earn revenue, rather than depending on advertisement.  

He did not mention how much growth CBS Interactive is seeing in its weekly leagues or prize leagues. 
Although some league owners play for pride, it would be an interesting to gauge how CBS positions itself with the current number of growing daily fantasy sports sites.