The average fantasy sports player is a 25-34 year old white male that is married with children

According to Nielsen, the average fantasy sports player in the US is most likely to be a married with children, white male, between the age of 25-34, and making $50k to $75k a year.

In a demographic report, Nielsen profiled a typical US fantasy sports payers for Q2 of 2013.

Roughly 2 out of 3 US fantasy players are men. In terms of how that statistic compares to the average US adult means the US fantasy sports player is 49% more likely than the average U.S. adult online to be male.
Also according to Nielsen, about half of players are married and about half will also have at least one child.

A little less than half (48%) of players are below the age of 35. Furthermore, a quarter of players will be in the 35-44 age range.  That makes 3 out of 4 players in the desirable, under 44 age range that could be appealing to advertisers.

7 out of 10 fantasy players are White. However, Hispanics at 14.9%, and African-Americans at 12.3% do make up a sizable demographic. 4.1% of players are Asian-American. That means the average fantasy player is 18%  more likely to be Hispanic than the average US online adult.  5% are more likely to be African-American  than the average US online adult. Finally, the fantasy player is 21% more likely to be Asian-American than the average US online adult.

Approximately a quarter of the players make $50k to $75k which represents the largest segment. 14.8% earn less than $25k.  22.4% of players earn $25k - $50k and 16.8% earn $75k - $100k. 20.1%  of  players make over $100,000.

Buying Power
Ultimately what the profiling translates into is what are U.S. fantasy players are buying. In addition, what items the they more likely to buy than the average US adult so that advertisers have a favorable targeting.
They report reveals that the fantasy players are more likely to buy the following than the typical US adult online
  1. 84% - Movie Tickets
  2. 67% - New Credit Cards
  3. 66% - Insurance
  4. 60% - Home Electronics
  5. 58% - Event Tickets
  6. 57% - Cell Phones/Service
  7. 55% - Deodorant
  8. 49% - Beer
  9. 39% - Fitness and Diet Products
  10. 18% - Clothes/Shoes/Accessories