2013 NFL attendance up for 3rd straight year

2013 NFL Attendance #FantasySandbox

The NFL has seen regular season stadium attendance rise for the 3rd consecutive year. For the 2013 season, NFL attendance rose by 125,950 spectators from the 2012 season according to data from ESPN.

The 0.73%  increase in attendance directly attributes to the revenue by the NFL.  The average price of a game ticket was $82 and that translates to an additional $10 million to the NFL. The revenue does not include game day amenities like food, alcohol, and souvenirs that could also add to additional income.

There has been discussions that the cause of the recent decline of attendance was due to the popularity of fantasy football. It was suggested that fantasy owners are more likely to follow the games at away from the stadium where there is better access to their team through technology.  We believe that macro economic factor such as the Great Recession was more to blame for the decline of attendance than fantasy football.

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