DraftKings is the official mini fantasy game of the MLB

MLB.com has chosen DraftKings to be the official daily fantasy game of the league. Jonathan Bales from MLB.com points out several advantages to playing the daily format over season long leagues. Those include that the cadence of daily fantasy game does not require season long commitment, players do not have to worry about injuries and there are prizes for winners.

The selection by Yahoo completes MLB.com portfolio of fantasy game to cover both the daily as well as the season long format.

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The selection is also a big win for DraftKings, who is in a highly competitive game provider market against the current leader of daily fantasy game provider FanDuel. The two companies are also engaged a legal tussel over which site is truly the #1 daily fantasy sport site.

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FtSb Says: Fantasy sports and gambling continue to be a closely monitored subject and this move by the MLB appears to reflects their stance that there are no concerns with the daily fantasy game and the gambling question. MLB appears to have gone all in and embraced fantasy sports as a way to promoting their league and to attract more followers to the game. It remains to be seem if the #2 fantasy sport can challenge the #1 fantasy sport, football for dominance.