FanDuel vs. DraftKings

Fantasy Sandbox - Football Head to Head
According to Forbes writer Darren Heitner, FanDuel is preparing legal action against DraftKings for what they believe to misleading information by DraftKings claiming that they are the #1 destination for daily fantasy.

Heitner reports that FanDuel will file documentation that based on FanDuel's visitor count and revenue for 2013, that FanDuel is the #1 daily fantasy sport site. FanDuel outlines that it has:

  •  768,728 registrations from user from December 2013 to 2009
  •  288,449 users that have made at least one deposit from December 2013 to 2009
  • $2,840,309 revenue for 2013
FanDuel's investigation of DraftKings also reveals that they believe that DraftKings has spent $12 million in advertisement within the last year and that DraftKing has spent twice as much as FanDuel did in TV advertisement for 2013.

Both FanDuel and DraftKings can call out success they have had in recent years. FanDuel expects to pay out $135 million this previous year. DraftKings' user base has tripled since the start of the 2013 football season.

FtSb Says: Competition is expected in a free market system and in a space that is becoming highly contentious to capture fantasy sports user base. Branding is an important aspect for companies, and FanDuel is doing what it is doing to protect what it believe is its claim to the moniker of being the top destination for daily fantasy sports. What this feud between FanDuel and DraftKing may do is to make the focus on them instead of the other countless number of daily fantasy sports site out there. It may setup a classic Coke vs. Pepsi, or Ford vs. Chevrolet battle that leaves any other competitor discussion mute. We await to hear what DraftKings response would be.