Yahoo! and ESPN vie for top fantasy app with and CBS Sports fighting for 3rd

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According to Nielsen, in 2013 - 10 Million American accessed their fantasy football application during the start of the football season in September. That is a 15% increase from 2012 to the number of Americans that are checking their smartphones to get an update on their teams during the NFL season.

The measurement was based on the unique visitors of the top 4 smartphone apps for Yahoo!, ESPN, and CBS Sports. Both Yahoo! and ESPN sit at the top with approximately 5 million unique users, with Yahoo! holding the edge with 200,000 users. However, ESPN users spend longer in the app as well as the users repeat visit the app for ESPN more times than Yahoo! and CBS Sports complete the results with each 1.3 million unique visitors to their application.

Unique Visitors
(per Visitor)
Time for Visits
(hours: minutes)
5.1 M
4.9 M
1.3 M
CBS Sports
1.3 M
10.3 M
Source: Nielsen

FtSb says: There seems to be little dispute that the big 4 fantasy football game providers are: Yahoo!, ESPN,, and CBS Sports. The Nielsen also corresponds to what a survey on CraveOnline outlined for the popularity of the game providers.  The results from Nielsen highlight the momentum of the efforts of and the struggles for CBS Sports. started in 2010 and appears to have caught CBS Sports, which started much earlier in the late 1990s. The CBS Sports models have touted more fees and prizes to attract users, while the NFL leverages as a marketing tool to increase NFL viewership via participation in fantasy sports. Although both measure with 1.3 million users, the experience of has attracted more repeat visits as well as users stay on longer to than CBS Sports. Both measures of repeat visits and length of visits bodes well for any advertisement opportunities for the apps.