Yahoo! opens their 2014 fantasy football season

Yahoo! has opened up their new 2014 fantasy football season and now fantasy owners can go create and join their fantasy leagues. This year fantasy football via Yahoo! will offer a number of new features as well as a new Commissioner Rule Fantasy game.

The new features for this 2014 season will include the ability for draft auctions to be able run on the Android and iOS platforms as well as the Windows PC. In addition, draft and mock drafts will be available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. This ability will help cater to the international market and various time zones.

Yahoo! has also added new stat categories that include number of carries for a runner and number of targets thrown to an eligible receiver. First downs can now also be counted as a trackable stat. Furthermore, to help player management, a new feature for conditional waivers can be used to claim player of the waiver wire with the ability to set priority of that claim.

Yahoo! also announced a new contest called the Commissioner Rule Fantasy game. This weekly promotion will allow the selection of the most creative and best traditions for Yahoo! leagues. A judging panel will select the best entry and award $5000 in addition to a custom-made King crown to the winner. Entries can be submitted via Twitter, Vine, Flickr, Tumblr, YouTube and Instagram. The contest starts June 18.

FtSb Says: The 2014 fantasy football season is already upon us! Yahoo! is in a heated competition with ESPN for the number #1 fantasy game provider based on unique visitors. The new features from Yahoo! aren't earth shattering, however they don't need to be for the market leader, just yet. ESPN and Yahoo! have been battling for years however it is probably the game from that Yahoo! needs to pay attention to. Fantasy football from has already reach the #3 spot for game providers since starting in 2010. It interesting to note that Yahoo! has not announced a daily game as of yet.