RotoPass offers bundle of fantasy football content providers

Matthew Berry, ESPN fantasy football analyst, has revamped his website to offer fantasy owners a bundle of some of the industries well known fantasy football content providers site.

By bundling the group of content providers, RotoPass is offering subscribers a discount of 60% than what they could get by individually subscribing to each content provider.

The list of fantasy football providers that subscribers will get access include:

  • DraftKings
  • ESPN Insider
  • FootballGuys
  • Pro Football Focus
  • RotoViz Apps
  • RotoWire
The other differentiation RotoPass can provide is the backing and endorsement of perhaps that most famous fantasy football celebrity, Matthew Berry

FtSb Says:  According to research done by the Fantasy Sports Trade Association, 30% of fantasy sports players visit 6 sites for their content data, 44% of fantasy sports players visit 4-5, and 16% visit at least 2-3. With that amount of disperse visitation of sites for fantasy players, this bundling of sites is a great value add for them if they can get them at a discount. It is interesting to note that the content providers agreed to this partnership while they themselves are competitors to each other. But obviously they believe that by working together they can grow the pie and each content provider can eat a bigger piece of the pie. What is also interesting to note is who is not on this list. That would include RotoWorld which is owned by NBC Sports and perhaps the most popular fantasy sports content site well as fantasy football content provider Fantasy Pros.