Reality Sports Online launches salary cap fantasy football game (VIDEO)

In today's world of daily fantasy games that requires no long term commitment, Reality Sports Online has done the opposite and launched a new fantasy football game that takes aspect of salary cap auction management and drafts and creates a new fantasy football game.

In an interview with Cory Johnson from "Taking Stock" on Bloomberg, co-founder Steve Wendell explains how players can negotiate and bid for multi-year contract for fantasy players. Wendell states the main differentiation for Reality Sports Online is that it parallels real football free agency experience that general managers experience. In addition, Wendell highlights that Reality Sports Online offers a unique platform when comparing to the others such as Yahoo!, ESPN and the NFL. For revenue, Reality Sports Online charges $9.99 per team per year for play to fantasy owners.

Here is an explanation of how the game works.

FtSb says: Interviewer Cory Johnson hit the nail on the head in that the main challenge for new game providers like Reality Sports Online is the challenge of having new fantasy players adopt the new game. The game is differentiated from daily fantasy and would attract players that like to play dynasty and multi-season league, however they maybe limiting their market by only being able to cater to that market. It would make sense for Reality Sports Online to offer more games that require less time span commitment if it does want to tap into the market for players that are willing pay for play.