DraftKings scores the New England Patriots

DraftKings has announced a partnership with the NFL team, the New England Patriots, on an advertising deal that will allow DraftKings to advertise in the stadium on LED signage where the Patriots play, Gillette stadium,  inclusion in the team's newsletter and DraftKings to featured in the Fantasy Tips of the Week on www.patriots.com

DraftKings recently announced a $41 million funding in August and has been in head to head battle with the other leader in daily sports, FanDuel.


It appears that the move could signal a team land grab for daily fantasy game providers for advertisement for the major sports leagues.  FanDuel recently announced a deal with the Orlando Magic in the NBA for an advertising partnership. Not to be outdone, DraftKings has gone to the NFL.

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It looks like the major sports leagues are allowing the advertisement of the daily game providers and relaxed their trepidation with fantasy sports and more specifically daily fantasy sports.

User acquisition is going to be key for daily fantasy sites as they are trying to acquire not just fantasy sports players but paying fantasy sports players. With player funds at a premium, it is imperative for these daily providers to secure players and to keep them loyal.