NBC Sports partners with RotoGrinders

NBC Sports has announced a partnership with RotoGrinders, a leading content provider of daily sports, to provide NBC Sports with exclusive daily content in the form of articles and video and will cover a range of sports from football, baseball, basketball, and hockey.

NBC Sports already owns one of the leading fantasy sports content providers in RotoWorld.  RotoWorld includes featured articles, player updates and commentary. The deal would give RotoGrinders feature ads and links that will be prominent placed on the RotoWorld website.


I would think that this deal is better for RotoGrinders than it would be for RotoWorld. RotoWorld is probably the most popular fantasy sports content provider but yet it felt that for daily content it needed to get it from a partner. It would seem to me that they could have easily staffed up to take on RotoGrinders and other daily content provider. I would hope that RotoWorld insisted on some sort of exclusivity in the deal as it now appears that RotoGrinders is now the defacto leader in daily fantasy content.