DraftKings scores the National Hockey League

DraftKings, one of the fastest growing daily fantasy game provider, announced a multi-year partnership with the National Hockey League.

The deal will provide DraftKings the ability to advertise on NHL's website as well as their mobile experience and social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. The partnership provides users of DraftKings the ability to participate in the a number prizee events for such as the 2015 All Star Game, Winter Classic, and the NHL Awards.  Finally, DraftKings will be a sponsor of the NHL's daily video previews on their NHL media network as well as the their web and mobile apps.


The land grab continues with DraftKings making the first partnership with the NHL. DraftKings had previously connected with the NFL and the New England Patriots.  This also comes on the news that rival FanDuel has announced a partnership with the Brooklyn Nets of the NBA. The only sport left that DraftKings does not have a deal with is the NBA. DraftKings is currently the official daily game of the MLB.