FanDuel scores the Brooklyn Nets

In the arms race of daily fantasy sites to secure main stream professional sports team for advertising, FanDuel has announced a deal with the Brooklyn Nets.

The deal makes FanDuel an official team sponsor and allows advertising for the company at all Nets home games at the Barclays center in radio and television mediums. This was possible as the NBA has lifted its ban on teams to sell sponsorship to fantasy game sites such as FanDuel.

FanDuel's main rival DraftKings in October announced a partnership with another professional team, the New England Patriots, for a similar sponsorship deal.


I don't think that the daily fantasy sites will be able to carve out all the major professional teams as their budget is still limited. FanDuel is tracking towards its best quarter ever, however the amount spent on marketing will be eating into their revenue. So the daily fantasy game providers are picking big market teams locations, such as Boston and New York. There is still rumors that Chicago will be the next market that the game providers will tackle. I am curious if the FanDuel and DraftKings will double up in a market or will they continue to play the land grab, finders keeper game.