FanDuel scores the National Basketball Association

FanDuel, the largest daily fantasy game provider, has announced a multi-year partnership with the NBA. The new partnership makes FanDuel the official one day fantasy game for the NBA and allow winners of the game to get NBA merchandising and  tickets.

The exclusive deal also allows the NBA to take an equity stake in FanDuel and continue the current partnerships that FanDuel has with the Brooklyn Nets, Chicago Bulls, Dallas Mavericks, New Your Knicks and Orlando Magic.

This comes on the heals of an announcement by rival DraftKings and their partnership agreement with the NHL.

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Although the equity terms were not disclosed, the fact that the NBA when that route is huge. The means the NBA is willing to bet on a daily game provider and is confident that the legal questions of daily fantasy can be addressed.  The deal effectively shuts out DraftKings from professional basketball as the deal is an exclusive deal.